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Wherever there’s a problem, wherever there’s a need, we think we’ve got a solution for you!

Thanks to its experience and the projects it has carried out with major players in the aeronautical, military, mechanical engineering, energy and IT sectors, Stilog I.S.T. is now a benchmark when it comes to carrying out complex projects on behalf of its customers.
Stilog I.S.T. engineers specialise in the development of complex projects.
They use the latest technologies on the market to meet all your requirements, even the most demanding!

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Development: IT, scientific and personalised

Our Activities

 Turning ideas into projects is very often difficult. Even more so if the project involves several stages and resources, with no turnkey solutions available.
When you call on the engineers at Stilog I.S.T., you have a team with expertise in carrying out complex assignments. When the Stilog I.S.T. teams are involved in an IT project, they support you throughout the life of your project, from its design to its deployment and maintenance in operational conditions!
As you can see, Stilog I.S.T. enables you to outsource your project and allocate a full-time resource to carry out an audit, define requirements and specifications, size the architecture, develop components, provide third-party maintenance, etc.

HTML 5, SQL, CSS, ... sont des exemples de technologies utilisés par Stilog.

Skills and techniques

Each company and each project has its own particular challenges, specific to its sector of activity. Stilog I.S.T. relies on a real understanding of the business to provide the best possible response.
As academics and engineers, each member of our teams adapts his or her knowledge to your core business in order to correctly interpret your project’s issues and respond as appropriately as possible.
To do this, we share a perfect knowledge of IT development!
Through our actions and the IT projects entrusted to us, we develop our scientific culture. So that we have the capacity to tackle increasingly complex projects, whether in terms of IT development or the use of the techniques we employ.

Development methods

Operating modes

V Cycle


9 phases for project management from A to Z and economies of scale.


An iterative, incremental method focused on completing your project.



A precise scope for a controlled budget with no surprises.


The perfect solution for adapting skills
Stilog I.S.T. to your project and its development.

These development methods and operating modes are the main formats used by the Stilog I.S.T. teams.

Simulation and computer modelling are essential tools in modern engineering, as complex as they are powerful.

Stilog I.S.T. has the business and technological expertise acquired through specific developments to help you customise and integrate your industry’s leading software packages.

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