Digital services

Stilog IST works for customers from a broad range of business sectors, including mainly aerospace, defense and energy. Our activity is focused mainly on manufacturing, scientific computing and technology. Stilog IST meets all its customers’ needs by harnessing their specialist knowledge and technologies to reach a level of genuine business expertise over time. We have the powers of adaptation and the understanding their businesses that are necessary to offer an optimal response to their needs.

Our Jobs

Information technology
and industrial applications

Stilog IST’s experts have a strong command of the different platforms and graphical environments on the market.

Our applications are developed to the highest standards, combining performance and ease of use. Stilog IST has a long experience in the development of calculation software, pre- and post-processing software, solvers, the development of software in interaction with market-standard software (solvers, meshers, etc.), the customization of Ansys WorkBench, submission on supercomputers, code parallelization, the processing of high volumes of data, advanced 2D/3D visualization, enriched web interfaces, complex architectures, etc. We develop in all programming languages (C/C++, Python, Java, Fortran, etc.), according to the needs.

This expertise in computing technology is combined with our perfect knowledge of fields such as applied mathematics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat sciences, etc.

System engineering

We can help with the smooth execution of every stage of a product’s life cycle, from needs analysis, to system integration and validation, maintenance and dependability, operational analyses, prototyping, system simulation and the architecture.

We can conduct studies in your own context of use in order to propose a market-standard solution that is perfectly aligned with your processes and your scope of engineering.

Our tools :

Integrity (PTC)
Teamcenter (SIEMENS)
ENOVIA RFLP (Dassault Systèmes)
AGESYS (System engineering)

Physical engineering

EF simulation of mechanical and dynamic behavior in structural calculations (pre-dimensioning, dimensioning, re-engineering), study of the mechanical and dynamic behavior of assemblies (static, modal and harmonic analyses, temporal analyses, non-linear calculations), multi-physical analyses (mechanical, thermal and fluid couplings). Simulation of specific or dedicated problems (abnormal wear, vibratory problems, etc.).

Our tools :

CATIA (Dassault Systèmes)
Plateforme ANSYS Workbench (Ansys)
SAMCEF (Siemens)
Abaqus (Dassault Systèmes)…